Exhibitions and Documentaries

International Exhibitions and Documentary Films and Television:

‘Chains of Rescue’, Northern Dogs Films, 2014. Writer and Presenter,

‘Lost in the Labyrinth’, Northern Dogs Films, 2014. Writer and Presenter

‘The Beachcomber’s Paradise’, Northern Dogs Films, 2014. Writer and Presenter,

‘Norfolk Island: the Polynesians’; ‘Norfolk Island; The First Convict Settlement’; ‘Norfolk Island: The Second Convict Settlement’; ‘Norfolk Island: The Pitcairners’. Co-writer of scripts and presented four short historical films, Sydney: Look Films, 2011-12.

Consultant and presenter, Darwin’s Brave New World. A three-part documentary based on Darwin’s Armada, produced by Screenworld (Australia) and Ferns Productions (Canada); ABC, CBC (Canada), History (UK), ZDF/Arte (Germany/France), 2009

‘Accidental Encounters: TH Huxley and the Rattlesnake in the Coral Sea’. Historical consultant, Macleay Museum exhibition, University of Sydney, 2009

‘Charles Darwin. Ideas and Voyages that Shook the World’. Historical consultant, Australian National Maritime Museum Exhibition, Darling Harbour, March-August 2009

‘The Eidophusikon, An Eighteenth-Century Movie Show’. With Darran Edmundsun and Kim McKenzie, multi-media performance at Vizlab, Australian National University and DVD, 2006

‘Scuttlebutt. A Reflection on a Maritime Re-Enactment’. With Kim McKenzie, Jonathan Lamb and Alex Cook, short documentary, 20 mins, CRIO, 2004

‘History Detectives’. Historical consultant, ABC TV, August 2003

Omai documentary. Historical consultant, BBC, April 2003

‘Emma Hamilton and Lord Nelson’. Historical consultant, BBC Television, 2002-5

‘Bandits’. Historical consultant, National Museum of Australia Exhibition, 2002-3

‘A Savage Liberty: Europe and the Exotic’. Co-curator, Queensland Art Gallery, National Library of Australia, Victorian Art Gallery, Oct 2001- Jan 2002

Charles Darwin. The Australian Connection’. Historical consultant and provided pictorial and film materials for the Screensound Educational Website.

‘The Ship. A Re-enactment from the first voyage of Captain Cook’. Historical consultant and participant, six-part BBC Television Series, Aug-Oct 2001; screened BBC, UK, Aug 2002 and History Channel, USA, Oct 2002. An abbreviated version was shown on ABC Australia in 2003

‘Cook and Omai: The Cult of the South Seas’. Curatorial Adviser, National Library of Australia, March 2001

‘Gold. Lost Treasures, Hidden Histories’. Co-curator, National Museum of Australia, Opening Bicentenary Exhibition, March 2001

Asia-Pacific Art Triennial. Academic Adviser, Queensland Art Gallery, September 1999