Refereed Journals & Books

Selected Articles in Refereed Journals and Books

‘Saving the Great Barrier Reef’, ed. Kathy Marks, The Power of the Humanities: Case Studies from Leading Australian Researchers (Canberra, 2015)

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Turtle War: Captain Cook’s environmental crisis on the Great Barrier Reef’ The Great Circle, 34, No. 2, 2012, pp. 7–18.

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Special Issues of Journals

Enlightenment, Religion, Science and Popular Culture in the Late Eighteenth Century, eds Iain McCalman and Martin Fitzpatrick, Enlightenment and Dissent Special Issue, 17 (1998)

With Christa Knellwolf, The Exoticism and the Culture of Exploration, Eighteenth-Century Life, 26, 3 (2002)