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Marine and Maritime Research Festival


6-9 September 2013

The Sea – Episodes and Images

Wednesday 6 November 2013
Australian National Maritime Museum

A unique one day symposium examining the construction of histories through film, literature, theatre, museology, film, visual arts and music with a particular focus on maritime histories and cultures.

The Changing Coastlines Symposium

Thursday 7-Friday 8 November 2013
University of Sydney

Program Day 1: Consider the Oyster…again
Animal, food, mineral? This amazing mollusc, keystone species in the estuarine waters of coastlines everywhere, has one foot on the land, and opens its life to the sea.

Program Day 2: Climate Change and the Australian Coastline: Shifting Baselines
Friday 8 November, 2013
University of Sydney
The concentration of human, animal and plant life along the Australian coastline makes it central to debates about climate change. This symposium will address issues related to the shifting baselines of the many bio-cultural and ecological communities of the coast.

PhD and Masters Student Workshop Day
(By invitation only)
Saturday 9 November, 2013
University of Sydney

Workshop Leaders:
Jonathan Lamb (Vanderbilt)
Margaret Cohen (Stanford)
Iain McCalman (Sydney)
Kirsten Wehner (National Museum of Australia)

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