Feature video

Living in a Changing World

Launch of the Sydney Environment Institute. (1:52) Duncan Ivison introduces the Institute, Co-Directors David Schlosberg and Iain McCalman and Iain's work. (5:13) Iain McCalman talks about his relationship with the Great Barrier Reef and the effect (8:38) the degradation of the reef had upon him and how it spurred him to write his book The Reef: A Passionate History (10:30). How reef corals are particularly vulnerable to climate change(13:54) Charlie Veron's prediction of the extinction of living corals (17:43). He talks about the digital deluge (22:15) and how he must adapt to it or disappear. He shows his book's 'Trailer' and (23:00) website. He finishes with explaining the structure and mission of The Sydney Environment Institute (30:46)