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Newgate in Revolution: An Anthology of Radical Prison Literature in the Age of Revolution

Edited by Michael T. Davis, Iain McCalman, Christina Parolin

Newgate in Revolution provides a useful and thought-provoking anthology of radical literature-satirical, philosophical, and political writings-issued by the radicals and religious dissenters imprisoned in Newgate during the turbulent and nervous period 1780-848. Newgate was a dreaded prison during this period and its image and reputation coupled to make it the English equivalent of the French Bastille.

For those who found themselves incarcerated in Newgate the experience was debilitating and repressive. However, in the case of the radical prisoners it is a curious irony that this repressive environment actually encouraged a fraternal spirit and fertilised a rich production of ideas and literature, which today offers a rare insight into this unique and fascinating culture.

Newgate in Revolution reproduces a representative selection of the radical literature published from Newgate, including the first edited version of the prison diary of Thomas Lloyd.

Publisher: Continuum, 2005
Length: 202 pages

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